I'm Denis Moulin, a Research, writing, User Interfaces, Information Architecture, Visual design, Prototyping, Front-end development.product designer based in Montréal.

I enjoy working on branding, product design, and strategy with passionate people. I create compelling and simple-to-use designs, whether it's a website or an interface.

About page
  • Maison Cédric

    I'm helping my friend Cédric build his furniture shop service and brand identity.

  • Breatheroffices

    Breatheroffices is Breather new offer for renting office spaces.

  • Tempo, Focused Email Client

    Tempo is an email client that helps you focus. I helped build the initial MVP version of the client in addition to the marketing page.

  • Headlight Website

    Headlight empowers employees to build resilience against stress and improve their performance.

  • Headlight app

    Headlight is a modern coaching solution that enables individuals to define and drive their professional and personal development.

  • Movingtocph.com

    In a two-week sprint, we (at Founders) built the best playbook to help foreigners move to Copenhagen.

  • Beast of Burden

    Beast of Burden is an app that helps you to identify hidden pressures, or any sources of stress/anxiety, and leads you to develop habits to fix them.

  • Founders Website

    For two years we didn’t touch our website’s very “corporate banking” look. In 2017 we sat down to evolve how we present ourselves and our studio.

  • Dixie.io (2.0)

    Second iteration of Dixie’s marketing website. I led the design and rethinking of the storyline. In addition to that I built the website supported by webflow technology and dire...

  • Cuely app

    Late 2016 I partnered with Jakob Marovt who at the time was running Cuely to work within 2 weeks on the look and feel of their desktop app.

  • Prototype your first identity

    This presentation runs you through a workshop I built along with the design team at Founders. It’s a good base for shaping a first identity with the aim of going from 0 to 1, te...

  • Duuoo app

    Duuoo is a one-on-one meeting tool that improves relationships between managers and team members.

  • Duuoo.io

    While working on the Duuoo product, I helped the team to re-shape their marketing page to emphasize human connection over the technical aspects of their product.

  • Dixie.io (1.0)

    While working on Dixie's product, I developed their brand identity and coded their marketing website.

  • Dixie.io Customer and Bookkeeper App

    Dixie makes it easy to turn your company's back office from a burden into a highly valuable set of data and tools.

  • Revealhub.com

    Reveal is a machine learning engine focused on recruitment. I helped the team to create their first brand identity and marketing page over the course of one week.

  • Getfigure.io

    Figure is the first banking app exclusively for freelancers. While building the first prototype version, I designed and coded Figure's landing page.

  • Figure, a bank service for freelancer

    Figure helps freelancers manage their economy and adopt healthier financial habits.

  • About page

    As much as I try to publish my work, most of it isn't on view here. Learn more about where I’ve worked and what I’ve been up to for the past few years.