Hi, I'm Denis Moulin.
I'm a freelance product designer, focusing on early stages startups.
I've worked and helped companies at various stages and sizes. From the ground-up at Founders, a startup studio to Practice and the more mature Breather and Hopper.

I'm also a founder and partner at Hibi, a service that help families save money together for their kids.
Work selection
At Practice, I've worked on all things design and product. From user research to roadmap planning and details technical reviews with engineers. I led the product decisions for many of our core changes, redesign and net new features.
Growth, R&D at Hopper
Part of the growth team, I help develop the visual language and game mechanic around Hopper own's currency, Carrot Cash.
Hotel & Fintech at Hopper
While leading the design for growth team at Hopper, I worked alongside three amazing teams to get fintech and marketplace for Hotels off the ground.
At Breather, I worked with a team of engineers in charge of the marketplace. We improved marketplace performance, from designing new homepages to rethinking the browsing experience with collection, better map and clearer product page.
Freelance projects
Talking about design and work, I consider myself a generalist, someone that would know when to ask for help from experts but can also think about a problem from different perspective.

Work is an essential part of everyone's life, I aim to spend time working on objects, things, services, problems that people want to see solved. I have a strong bias for action, for figuring things out by starting in a direction. I work at my best when collaborating and although I might have the title of designer in a team or project, I believe that designing is a collective effort.
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I love to learn about your projects. Schedule a quick call for a time that works for you or drop me a line and I'd be happy to write back.
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About Me
I live in snowy, and sunny, Montreal Canada where I enjoy my neighborhood delights, coffee shops and restaurants. When not at my computer or fixing stuff around my house, I run, swim, and train for the toughest swim&run race in the world, Ötillo.

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This website is meant to share of some of my proudest work and some of what I'm up to.
None of the work showed on this page would have been possible without the colleagues and clients at the time. I'm grateful for the opportunities to learn and wok along side every single one of them.
I'm grateful for all the time and knowledge I got from colleagues, clients and friends while building those projects.
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