Marketplace perfomance

We worked to improve the searching experience and marketplace for Hopper Hotels. We identified the key pain points in the user journey and iterated on them to improve the marketplace's performance. We added better filters and sorting options, and made the information display clearer.

Unique last-minute experience

During the pandemic, Hopper Hotels created a last-minute booking experience for travelers who wanted to get away quickly and make spontaneous decisions. We improved the user experience by streamlining the booking process and offering attractive deals.

Helpful fintech

I spent some time with the fintech team. We worked together to figure out which feature would be the most useful to add to the Hopper Hotels platform. After looking at user data and feedback, we decided that adding the first price-lock and refundable rooms would make a big difference in the customer experience. I then made sure these features were added well and helped make sure customers had a great experience while they used them.

Post-check-in Support Experience

We made it easier for customers to help themselves by creating tools like an FAQ section, a knowledge base with articles on common questions, and a chatbot. These tools helped reduce support requests and made it better for our customers to get help.