First things first

We knew that customers care a lot about the cost of hotel stays, so we started by giving a $10 discount. We created a Wallet for users to see and use their offer, and built a lot of systems to help us move fast without getting stuck later.

Starting the growth flywheel

Adding cash back rewards for future purchases helped us keep customers and get more transactions. We used these rewards at important times during the purchase journey, and made sure everything related to transactions looked consistent and easy to understand.

Trials and Errors

The team I worked with grew a lot even though we faced many challenges due to the pandemic. We tried many experiments and it was quite overwhelming at times. As the design lead, I had to make sense of all the experiments and create a clear user experience.

Paving the Way

Before leaving Hopper for Practice, with Sarah and Derek's help, I came up with ideas based on data to make the Wallet the center of Hopper. I also wrote down a system to make sure customers have the best experience possible.