Hi, I'm Denis Moulin

I'm an independent designer based in Canada.
These days, I specializes in interfaces, web and mobile apps for early-stages startups.



We're 15+ people solving for the business of one. We're trying to make scheduling, payments, and automations, as intuitive and easy as possible.



Hibi is the easiest way for parents, grandparents, and family members to save money together for their kids on all occasions.

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About me

I live in Montreal, Canada, a city that experiences both snowy winters and sunny summers. I enjoy exploring my neighbourhood, trying out different coffee shops and restaurants. When I'm not playing with kids, I like to run, swim, and train for Ötillo, one of the toughest swim/run race in the world.

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I sometimes share life and work updates on Mastodon


None of the work shown on these pages would have been possible without the contributions of my colleagues and friends.

I am grateful for all the time and knowledge that my colleagues, clients, and friends have shared with me while working on these projects.

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